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Discussion Groups on MOT Needs

A new discussion series focusing on Middletown, Odessa and Townsend (MOT) will begin on Thursday, October 18 at Church on Main which is located at 44 West Main Street in Middletown. These discussions will provide an opportunity for MOT residents to learn more about services that assist people who need a helping hand. Residents who want to volunteer at local agencies are encouraged to attend and learn more how they can be a volunteer at Friendship House, Neighborhood House and Our Daily Bread. Individuals who are struggling should attend to learn about the resources available in the MOT area.

Judy Symes, a Church on Main board member, says, “We want this outreach event to give people a better understanding of what local agencies are doing to address homelessness, hunger, poverty and unemployment. We are going to serve pizza starting at 6:30 PM. We encourage people to join us to learn more about agencies that are serving our community.”

Marilyn Hendershot, from Neighborhood House (, will describe how they are serving people in the MOT area with school supplies, clothing, food and much, much more. Betsy Cave will represent Our Daily Bread ( and she will talk about how they provide a positive eating experience for low-income individuals and families. Our Daily Bread receives support from civic groups, restaurants, businesses and social action groups.

Kim Eppehimer will talk about the services provided by Friendship House ( which is headquartered in Wilmington and has an “Empowerment Center” in Middletown. Friendship House helps people obtain birth certificates and identification information, job mentoring, financial assistance for glasses and physician co-pays. Friendship House also provides personal hygiene items.

Symes says that the Church on Main board is planning to have regular events that focus on issues that affect the quality of life in the MOT community. “We hope that our evening discussions will encourage people from all backgrounds to come and have lively conversations about issues that affect all of us.”

For additional information contact Judy Symes at 302-598-4686 or email her at or obtain more information on our web site:

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