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Statement on LGBTQ+ Affirmation

Statement on LGBTQ+ Affirmation

Church on Main is an LGBTQ+* affirming faith community where we proclaim that God blesses and is revealed through LGBTQ+ identities and expressions of love. Not only are all queer people loved by God, but God loves that which makes them queer. As such, we rejoice at the ways that God shows up in the lives of our LGBTQ+ siblings, and we celebrate the ways the God of love shows up in the love between and among them. As an enactment of this belief, we welcome, include, and affirm LGBTQ+ people into all levels of participation in our faith community.

What this statement means for us

We want to be completely clear about what this means for us by answering a few questions from

  • Will Church on Main hire LGBTQ+ people for any ministry role? Yes
  • Will Church on Main’s clergy officiate a wedding for LGBTQ+ people? Yes
  • Will Church on Main ordain LGBTQ+ people (or recommend for ordination)? Yes
  • Are there any LGBTQ+ people on Church on Main’s leadership team? Yes

* lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual, nonbinary, and others not yet designated

Approved by the Church on Main board on July 22nd, 2019.

Church on Main’s Mission Statement

Church on Main is a worshipping community where we seek to follow the way of Jesus through:
– Love of God and others,
– Mission to all in need,
– And celebration of the diverse identities God has created including race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, physical and mental health, age, sexual identity, religious background, and social-economic status. 
We intentionally affirm and welcome all.

In order to more thoroughly explain who we are, who we aim to be, and what this mission statement means for our community, we have prepared the following statements