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Statement on Mental Health

Statement on Mental Health

Jesus calls us to cross religious and social boundaries and to break walls that exile us from each other. In many instances individuals with mental health concerns are exiled socially and spiritually due to fear, prejudice, and ignorance. At Church on Main, we proclaim that individuals with mental health concerns bear the image of God, are beloved members of our faith community, and offer countless gifts as members of the Body of Christ. We seek to be a safe faith community where we support one another through challenges associated with mental health, offering each other hope and compassion.

Approved by the Church on Main board on July 22nd, 2019.

Mental Health Resources

In order to more fully support those with mental health concerns, we refer to the following organizations

Other social service agencies

Church on Main’s Mission Statement

Church on Main is a worshipping community where we seek to follow the way of Jesus through:
– Love of God, self, others,
– Mission to all in need,
– And celebration of our diverse identities, including race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, physical and mental health, age, sexual identity, religious background, and social-economic status.
We intentionally affirm and welcome all.

In order to more thoroughly explain who we are, who we aim to be, and what this mission statement means for our community, we have prepared the following statements